In the International Year of Potato, the Congress is an interactive forum where scientists and potato experts can meet and share their thoughts and identify solutions for “a potato in a changing world”.

The topics cover all the classical subjects of potato industry related to the future challenges.

Plenary lectures, parallel sessions, poster presentations and workshops have been organized.


  • Potatoes as source of benefic substances for health
  • Advances in genomics and genetic modification
  • Topics in breeding and variety development
  • Seed potato production systems and micropropagation innovations
  • Physiology of the potato: new insights and repercussions for crop management
  • Major threats of pests and diseases and their integrated crop management
  • Breakthroughs in agronomy including precision and organic farming
  • Breakthroughs in potato utilization and product development
  • Advances in plant modelling and application in practice and science
  • Food safety, sustainability, traceability and best agricultural practice
  • Potato crop growth, development and management in climate change
  • Rapid potato evolution in developing countries
  • Changing role of potato in Central Europe

Topics and oral presentations based on scientific committee selection are introduced by invited speakers.

The official conference language will be English.

To give more information about Romanian potato industry and Romanian style of life, scientific excursions, social events and special accompanying person excursions have been organized.

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