How The E-Cig Is Made

Electronic cigarettes, more commonly known as e-cigs or personal vaporizers, are electronic inhalers, which help in the stimulation of tobacco smoking by vaporizing a liquid solution in an aerosol mist. They are becoming popular these days, as they provide a smokeless alternative to the conventional cigarettes. Basically, there is an e-liquid in the e-cigs, which hits the vaporizer and while inhaling, a smoker gets a vapor laced with nicotine. There are many e-cig starter kits available in the market today, which can be bought from any convenience store.

The most common place to purchase these cigarettes is the local convenience stores. These kits are designed in such a way so as to allow users to vaporize nicotine effectively. So how the e-cig is made?
Most e-cigarettes are made up of the same components. An e-cig has four basic components – a cartridge, an atomizer, a battery and e-liquid. Let us look at each of these components in detail:
1. Cartridge: This is a small container made up of plastic that is open on both ends. The cartridge serves as a mouthpiece as well as a liquid reservoir. The liquid reaches an atomizer through this cartridge and the smoke from an atomizer reaches the user’s mouth through the same way.
2. Atomizer: An atomizer has a heating coil for vaporizing the liquid and consists of a silica wick or a wicking metal mesh and a simple filament. These things help in drawing in the liquid. An atomizer is actually placed between other two components that constitute the e-cig cylinder. The cartridge and power unit get attached to either end. The filament may have to be replaced periodically, as it loses efficiency over time.

3. Battery: Most e-cigs have a lithium-ion rechargeable battery and this is the largest component of the cigarette. The battery may have an electronic airflow sensor, which allows activation through drawing breath. Some models may also have a power switch. A LED may be attached that announces activation. Batteries can be charged through an AC outlet or USB.

4. Liquid: This liquid is known as e-juice. It is a solution made up of vegetable glycerine and/or propylene glycol. These may have varying flavors and nicotine concentrate. These are sold in bottles for refilling or come as pre filed cartridges. User can even make their e-juice on own.

5. Magnet Adaptor: You can also use magnet adaptors to convert e-cig batteries so that they can be used with other threaded cartomisers, clearomisers or atomisers. They are generally made up of stainless steel.

Many e-cig starter kits come up with instruction manuals on how to assemble it. You just have to plug in a cig to the charger and charge it from an AC outlet. The standard charging duration for an e-cig is eight hours for the first time. And later on, approximately for one to two hours each time the battery discharges. Now, assemble the cigarette and you are good to go!

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