Oral presentations and posters:

  • The program will consist of invited and offered papers (oral presentations) and poster presentations. The time for each presentation is 20 minutes including discussions (for invited lectures 40 minutes).
  • Abstracts of oral and posters presentations will be published in the conference proceeding abstracts and will be available during the conference.
  • Posters will remain exhibited and available for study during the whole period of the meeting.
  • Audio-visual Aids: Slide and Overhead projector. Multimedia projector for computer (Windows TM ; Microsoft PowerPoint) and video recorder (VHS)
  • The dimensions of the poster should be: height max 120 cm, width max 80 cm

Conference language:
The official conference language is English.

The currency units in Romania are LEI, with its fractional coin, the ban. One euro = 3.3 LEI, see here. Exchange offices are available in airports, railway stations and tourist sites.

Health and insurance
Any person attending the conference and any accompanying person should make their own arrangements in respect of health and travel insurance regarding injury, illness, damage to property or financial loss.

Climate and clothing
July is most often sunny and fairly hot in Romania.
Dress for all events will be informal.

News and further Information:
Please check the Conference Web Site: for further information, and any other news.

The registration form should be returned to the Organizing Committee by e-mail, fax or mail (see address above). Details are indicated in the REGISTRATION FORM (see Registration).

Payments of conference fees should be made before the conference. A confirmation of registration and payment will be given before the conference. Details are indicated in the REGISTRATION FORM (see Registration).
Please ensure that the full amount reaches the account, net of bank charges, transfer fees, commission, etc.

Cancellation and Refunds
Cancellation must be made by fax or by express mail addressed to the Organizing Committee. Refunds will be paid after the Conference.


Date of cancellation

Refund policy

Before May 15

Total refund less 10% for handling charges

From May 16 to June 16

50% refund

After June 16

No refunds


  1. Abstracts of oral and poster presentations: maximum 4 pages, including title, figures and references.

  2. Deadline for submission of abstracts: January 31, 2008, and must be sent by e-mail or mail to the Organizing Committee. If possible, send the abstract file as an attachment to an e-mail message to Philadelphia Restaurants as a Microsoft Word™ file. If you mail the abstract include a diskette containing the complete abstract as a Microsoft Word™ file. If you not receive the confirmation of your abstract by e-mail within the 10 days after submission, please contact the Organizing Committee.

  3. The abstract will only be published if the presenting author is registered prior to the Conference.

  4. Author instructions:
  • It is best to send your abstract on an attached file and to prepare it in A4 portrait format with 2.5 cm left, right, top and bottom margins.
  • The text using Times New Roman font, 11 points or similar and single-spaced left aligned and right justified text.
  • The title must be written in bold using capital letters and Times New Roman font, 12 points and in bold capitals. Skip one line.
  • Leave a single line space and type authors' names in capitals (underline the name of the presenting author).
  • Author's postal and e-mail addresses should be on the next line. The name(s) of the author(s) follow in the format: "Chiru S, Olteanu G, … & Bozesean I" in Times New  Roman  font, 12 points. The name of the author presenting the paper or poster must be underlined.
  • Space lines and type abstract single space throughout for text.
  • The abstract must be written in standard grammatical English. This is the responsibility of the author.
  •  The list of references should be placed after the text. References should be listed and cited in the text.
  • Tables and figures should be numbered. Tables should be provided with a suitable heading (at the top) and figures with a suitable legend (at the bottom). Tables and figures should be placed at convenient locations in the text. Font sizes no smaller than 10 points should be used. Times New Roman font is preferable.
  • Color reproductions are not possible.
  • Do not number the pages.
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