For 8 years, leading the organization on potato in Europe, such as DLG, UNIKA (Germany), Fedagrim (Belgium), ARVALIS, CNIPT, FNPPPT, GIP T (France) and APP / Europoint BV (Netherlands), the annual International Congress on Potato Potato Europe. Congresses Potato Europe is planned for four years in advance.

Main meeting of representatives of the sphere of the potato industry in Europe is designed for all members of the potato growing areas (manufacturers, suppliers, consultants and service companies, buyers, packers, operators manual). In the technical area will be presented agronomy, innovation, exposure of potato varieties, as well as special emphasis on new equipment

The event consists of three parts: an international exhibition, demonstration of a dynamic and international congress. Moreover, Congress held September 8-9 at the center of 't Voorhuys'. Exhibition and demonstration of dynamic evacuated on September 9-10 in the 'Stichting Schoolboerderij' in the Urkerweg Emmeloorda. In short, the potatoes will be the focus of all three days.

Organizer of this year - Danish APP relies on the participation of 15,000 visitors from 54 countries (such predpololzhenie figures based on the previous event, which took place here in 2005).

The congress program is divided into two parts. First, on September 8, is carried out with the active support of the NAO (Danish potato organizations), here are the issues of global potato market, and the impact of climate change on potato. The second day of Congress, September 9, organized in cooperation with EAPR (European Association for Potato Research). General theme: "The promise of new technologies in the potato."

For the exhibition halls closed allocated a total area of ​​10,000 square meters. m, there is a possibility of exposure to the outdoors. In general, the selected area up to 15% more than in 2005. The exhibition is open from 10.00 to 20.00.

Dynamic demonstration will also be held on September 9-10. To demonstrate the technique selected 30Ga. Among the companies that will demonstrate its technology live work: AVR BVBA, Dewulf Nederland vof, Grimme Landmaschinenfabrik GmbH, P. Kriesels Landbouwmechanisatie, Miedema, Ploeger Machines BV, TKS Mekaniske AS, Trimble Agriculture and WM Kartoffeltechnik GmbH.

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