We would like to note that the 20-minute promotional reports under konferentsiipredlagayutsya exclusively in sponsorship packages (see next tab). And you can still reserve a 5-minute presentation of the company.

The package "Presentation" will be of interest to companies wishing to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves audience of professionals representing the fruit and vegetable business. The presentation includes a short (5 min.) Representation of the company and its services for the participants. Company presentations will be arranged in thematic sections of the conference depending on the direction of the company, which guarantees the highest interest of listeners.

The presentation gives a lot of corresponding background information, but it doesn't cover machinery or equipment information. This is something that should be researched by you and your organization. Many governments offer grants if you're having trouble with funding.

The application and selection process always varies, so make sure to give the government agency a call to ensure your organization meets all of the requirements. Meeting these stipulations will be the difference between having the proper funding and taking out loans that will make it difficult to do proper research.

It's also worth mentioning, just because you secure funding doesn't mean you have to buy new equipment - if you click here you can learn more about public auctions that have hundreds of used machines for a fraction of the price of buying brand new - taking on these frugal qualities will help your money go farther.

The organizer provides everything you need technical support for the presentation and interpretation into the languages ​​of the conference.

The package "Presentation" includes:

Participation in the conference speaker without registration fee
Slide up to 5 min. in a specialized forum
Participation in the conference an unlimited number of clients with special guests 10% discount
Accommodation information page on the site without placing limitations on the duration
The possibility of investing in a portfolio member company's advertising materials

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