Poiana Brasov - "sunny meadow" - is located 13 km from Brasov and 167 km from Bucharest, at the foot of Mount Postevaru, at an altitude of 1030 m above sea level, in a large, well-lit by the sun, the valley. The most desired place for lovers of winter sports, the best place for hiking on forest mountain paths, entertainment and recreation in nature, Poiana Brasov is not only one of the biggest and most famous ski resorts of Romania, but also a modern mountain resort with world recognition. Bordered by mountains and surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains coniferous forests, breathtaking beauty, Poiana Brasov is incomparable to anything else. This is one of the most beautiful places with a delightful "transparent" air.

The resort of Poiana Brasov was founded in 1895 as a place of recreation for the inhabitants of the medieval city of Brasov, from which it got its naming in 1904 is built the first tourist base, and in 1906 laid the foundation for a winter resort. The festive opening of the resort was in 1951 when there was held the first international student competition Winter Games. Each year, officially opens Dec. 15 in the winter season Poyane Brasov.

Today, Poiana Brasov takes its guests all year round, from all over the world who appreciate him for a variety of opportunities for recreation and sports. The resort was built for recreation, from skiing to horseback riding. This "resort four seasons." Fantastic nature, as well as the traditions and legends, reigning here, make this resort an attractive all year round.

Accommodation is offered in modern and comfortable hotels, lost in the forest: Piatra Mare 4 *, Bradul 3 *, Poiana 3 *, Sport 3 *, Alpin 4 *, Ruia 4 *, Condor 4 *, Escalade 4 *, Eurohotel 4 * Dracula 4 *, Tirol 4 *, Royal 3 *. Numerous trails for hiking in summer and skiing in the winter are located nearby, not far from the hotel. Accommodation in villas in traditional style, as well as in the cottages for family and youth recreation.

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